Phuket, Probably the last few havens on earth

There’s no other part on earth that I’d refer to as ‘paradise’ other than Thailand, Phuket. Work has been rather stressful and I have recently chose to get few months off to discover new places. From all the places, Phuket is no doubt the one which I love the most.

Is it the people? Could it be the scenery? Is it the food? Is it the weather? I am not sure. A combination of all is what probably makes it so unique.

Almost a decade following the huge deadly tsunami that happened way back in 2006, you can see that while the world has mostly forgotten about it, it is not so with the people in Phuket. I could sense that memories of the catastropic disaster are still vivid in the minds of the people. But most have managed to move on with their lives.

Below are a few photos that I have taken during my trip to Phuket. Hope you guys like it!


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