An inch closer to civilian drone

It might be here sooner than we initially expected. Yes, it’s the utilization of civilian unmanned aircrafts that we are speaking about.

If you have anyone who’s most responsible in generating all of the hypes, it will be none other than Amazon and the gang. Using the latest holiday delivery hiccup still fresh on our mind, Jeff Bezo is probably right in speculating that drone is probably the answer to his last mile delivery bottleneck and FAA was quick to respond to that. There is a total of 20 states which have been granted the license to launch drones for testing purposes.

But Lakemaid Beer, a small brewery company located in Minnesota, went one step further. Drone delivery has actually happened for some of their orders. It made a massive splash around the world and gets everyone excited. FAA is quick to put out the euphoria of enthusiasm. An order to ground the drones was quickly issued to the organization. Some labelled it as being a clever Publicity move. But I give my salute to Lakemaid Beer.

What we are seeing here might be the tip of the iceberg on what’s ahead. With sky as the limit, nobody will have a way to foresee the future until it happens in front of our eyes.

How I wish my beer order was sent by a drone. Life must carry on for now!


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