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Find out more about Recent wireless technology

The entire world is now a spot that was sophisticated, almost every apparatus here could be connected wirelessly. The internet has taken over so many places of our lives and nowadays, almost all gadgets and devices are created to be wireless. All the wirelessly inter-connected devices are surely valuable to our lives to how we control the various tools we use daily and they undoubtedly bring convenience. Since none of us can escape the reality of dwelling in a wireless world, I thought it’d be interesting to dig out some of the common myths and premises and let’s see they hold some truths in them or if they are just baseless.

Despite the fact that our computers are quickly shrinking in size, smaller devices’ computing power is growing at an annoyingly tepid rate. There’s one major drawback which comes with every one of the small but strong computing devices like our smartphone. They demand charging fairly often. Until now, there is no worldwide connector that can be utilized to charge all our mobile devices. This implies that if I have a laptop along with a cellphone, I still need to take with me 2 different charging connectors for every one of them. An idea that has been debated for a while now has not yet reached the maturity that would see it being embraced en masse, though wireless strength charging is it. I think that this technology will sooner instead of later be here with us, although some may believe that wireless charging is a myth.

Now that wireless devices outnumber wired devices, large part of the folks are starting to believe that wireless connections is as dependable as conventional wired connections. Whether this is a bogus premise or a true fact, this may be figured out by the way how you examine the problem. I believe that the majority of people will not be able to tell the difference when they are connected via a cable or wirelessly if we talk just from the view of speed alone. However, as with anything that’s physical, there’s always a possibility that something may go awry. But this is where comes the realization that it could be multiple times challenging in regards to troubleshooting wireless connections.

The truth of our own lives today is that wireless technology is transforming how we perform our everyday tasks and interact with each other. There are people who have many misconceptions about it. I don’t understand what the truth is, but I find wireless technology quite interesting and everything mentioned above is only my personal view. My hope is that from this discussion that is straightforward, you are definitely going in order to separate misconceptions and myths from facts about wireless technology. I am no pro in regards to this area, so please do comment and bring forth your view on wireless technology and perhaps together we can differentiate between myths and facts.

Phuket, Probably the last few havens on earth

There’s no other part on earth that I’d refer to as ‘paradise’ other than Thailand, Phuket. Work has been rather stressful and I have recently chose to get few months off to discover new places. From all the places, Phuket is no doubt the one which I love the most.

Is it the people? Could it be the scenery? Is it the food? Is it the weather? I am not sure. A combination of all is what probably makes it so unique.

Almost a decade following the huge deadly tsunami that happened way back in 2006, you can see that while the world has mostly forgotten about it, it is not so with the people in Phuket. I could sense that memories of the catastropic disaster are still vivid in the minds of the people. But most have managed to move on with their lives.

Below are a few photos that I have taken during my trip to Phuket. Hope you guys like it!


You won’t believe these facts about Apple

Steve Jobs, among the very most enigmatic leaders and innovator of our generation, passed away in the year 2011. Even though it has been years since his passing, Apple turned out to be 2014′s most valuable organization on the planet, which is testament to Jobs’ heritage. Apple remains the same secretive company that his passing has always been even years after it. For people that aren’t exactly Apple enthusiasts, there are a lot of fascinating things about the company you might not be aware of. Let us have a peek at a number of Apple Inc fascinating facts. I guarantee that you’re actually going to be intrigued and these details might allow you to really have a glimpse of the secret ingredients and recipes which are converted into such astonishing Apple products like iPods and iPhones.

Apple revolutionized the cell phone business and moved on apart from revolutionizing the music industry. And their cash pile are raising at an extremely interesting rate. In cash, they held up to $160 billion by 2014. To simply conceptualize this, Microsoft had just $85 billion while the US Treasury had in the first quarter of 2014. To further illustrate the scale of this cash pile, it is sufficient to get an iPod to every man in the US and there is going to be money. A country would be placed at the top 50 biggest economy in the world because of Apple’s huge cash reserve, if it was it.

Apple’s start day is really unlike any other start day. Attendees for their start day and the quantity of media attention outdoes any business by hundreds of miles. Every year at the launching of Apple’s new iPhone, thousands of Apple devotees would assemble outside the stores all for the sake of being the first to get their hands on the iPhone. Devotees usually wait in line for hours in all sorts of weather conditions only to get into the shop before it sells out and purchase an iPhone. A Japanese Apple fanatic made news in 2014 for waiting outside a shop for the iPhone 6 before it was declared.


There are few which stand out from the rest, like facebook, Amazon and Google when looking at leading technology businesses. Everyone knows Google is the ultimate search engine. The remainder is topped by Amazon for online shopping. We also know that Amazon is the largest online shopping shop. Nevertheless, Apple created more money than the three businesses combined and anyone would be astounded to learn that the combined revenue of these 3 tech giants are still short of what Apple earned in the first quarter of 2014. What is more, the total sales for iPhones amounted to $26 billion, which is more than Microsoft’s $20 billion in sales as an entire company.

Apple keeps on amazing every one of us at how well they’ve accomplished considerably, since we’re at the beginning of the brand new millenium. As as a brand and a business, they keep on shattering of what’s possible convictions. Apple carries on, flying higher than any individual would ever have envisioned. Tim Cook had an enormous shoe to fill upon the passing on of Steve Jobs in 2011. Despite all of the doubt, we’ve seen that Tim Cook and his team are effective at keeping performance and the business’s growth. It’s one thing to reach success as we all understand, but another to maintain it. The next few years will likely be interesting and everyone will be watching carefully if the planned release of Apple watch will be another hit or miss.

An inch closer to civilian drone

It might be here sooner than we initially expected. Yes, it’s the utilization of civilian unmanned aircrafts that we are speaking about.

If you have anyone who’s most responsible in generating all of the hypes, it will be none other than Amazon and the gang. Using the latest¬†holiday¬†delivery hiccup still fresh on our mind, Jeff Bezo is probably right in speculating that drone is probably the answer to his last mile delivery bottleneck and FAA was quick to respond to that. There is a total of 20 states which have been granted the license to launch drones for testing purposes.

But Lakemaid Beer, a small brewery company located in Minnesota, went one step further. Drone delivery has actually happened for some of their orders. It made a massive splash around the world and gets everyone excited. FAA is quick to put out the euphoria of enthusiasm. An order to ground the drones was quickly issued to the organization. Some labelled it as being a clever Publicity move. But I give my salute to Lakemaid Beer.

What we are seeing here might be the tip of the iceberg on what’s ahead. With sky as the limit, nobody will have a way to foresee the future until it happens in front of our eyes.

How I wish my beer order was sent by a drone. Life must carry on for now!


Top global stories of 2014

Ranging from the outbreak of Ebola to the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane. As with every other year, there are some events happening in 2014 that are more significant than many others. In the foundation of merely my own compilation, the following is a listing of a number of occasions which have shaken the world this year, the are events which will get us remember 2014 for quite a long time. I am unsure if I have covered them all but at least these have been the ones that I will recall the most. Thus, feel free to add any other major happenings that you believe I may have left out they matched with the threshold to be in my list, via remarking below.

Ebola virus outbreak is the first event this year which can be noted and initial reports of the virus emerged in West Africa. The Ebola virus quickly became an outbreak that spread like termites across Africa. When the World Health Organization asserted the report released signifying five to six thousand fatalities was a gross underestimation. Fewer unconfirmed cases were reported in Germany, Spain and USA triggering enormous fears and concerns of a worldwide outbreak. Fortunately, the dreaded uncontrollable prevalent of the virus didn’t materialize and 2014 will end without any more mortalities.

In 2014, one of Nigeria’s major insurgent group found an attack to kidnap a total of 276 female students. Boko Haram, a known terrorism group claim responsibility of the kidnappings and cited detest as the motive for their activities for westernization. I can envision that in case you reside in Nigeria and you’ve got a daughter, you will never be able to live in peace. This event reminded me of how fortunate I am to be living far from such terror and it demonstrated me how to be more grateful for what I have.

Following the passing of Osama bin Laden, the world believed the origin of extremism was de-escalated. The unexpected rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) caught us by surprise. Most individuals were captured without guard with the US military confessing to underestimating strong extremism movements have become. ISIL used social media systems to spread propaganda by uploading videos of kidnapped foreign citizens being brutally beheaded. USA nevertheless rallied the world and launched a huge offensive attack in an attempt to ruin ISIL in 2014.

Not every will recall when the global monetary crisis occurred in 2008, what petroleum price was. Back then, petroleum price was in the range of $60 per barrel. Afterward in the following years, it crept up with the doubling of several household owners’ utility gas statement, much to the chagrin of they to the greatest amounts at $130 per barrel. Finally in 2014, the petroleum crisis happened and it drop back to the pre-2008 degree. All along I considered that lower oil cost would be great for typical man like me when I read that such low cost is really bad for the international marketplace, but I was perplexed. By the end of 2014, several US cities had their gas prices. 2014 looked like the year that American vehicle owners will recall the most.

This list is definitely not an exhaustive list and also you may remember the year 2014 for events other than what are listed here. But the world will likely be quite so dull if all of us see things the same way. You might have your own interests and that will, to a big extent, determines which events are somewhat more critical to you personally.

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